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Treatment Weight Loss & Body Contouring

Feel comfortable in your own skin again.

Eliminate Fat Pockets & Loose Skin

As much as you try to exercise and go on diets, fats around certain areas can be incredibly hard to burn. Men often find themselves growing larger in the central stomach area, while women struggle to lose weight around the pelvis, thighs, buttocks and hips. Besides excess fat, ageing individuals might also feel self-conscious about their loose and saggy skin.

Weight Loss & Body Contouring | HN Clinic
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Causes of Excess Fats & Loose Skin

When you age, your hormones change. These changes influence the accumulation and storage of fats. They also cause your skin to lose its elasticity. However, for some, loose skin can also be a result of rapid weight loss, surgery, or pregnancy.

Body Contouring KL

Body Contouring Treatment

To help our clients regain confidence in their bodies, we offer effective weight loss and body contouring treatments. Safe and non-surgical, our Emsculpt Neo technology and MesoLipo treatment can sculpt your body to uncover a firmer and more toned figure. They are the perfect solutions for removing stubborn, excess fat that persists despite rigorous dieting and exercise routines.

Benefits of Weight Loss & Body Contouring

  • A curvier frame

    A curvier frame

  • Look and feel younger

    Look and feel younger

  • Improved body proportions

    Improved body proportions

  • Confidence in your own body

    Confidence in your own body

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