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Overcome sexual dysfunctions—the safe and affordable way.

Taking Care of Your Intimate Wellness

Sexual dysfunctions, like pain during sex, decreased sexual desire and the ability to orgasm, can be distressing for both men and women. These issues negatively impact their self-esteem and relationship with their partners. Our advanced HIFEM technology can effectively treat sexual dysfunctions and improve overall intimate wellness.

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Causes of Sexual Dysfunctions

Apart from psychological, hormonal, and other serious medical conditions, a common cause of sexual dysfunction is pelvic floor-related. When individuals cannot control their pelvic floor muscles, they experience a decrease in sexual arousal and orgasms. Specific conditions, such as erectile dysfunction, have also been linked to pelvic floor muscle weakness.


  • Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction Malaysia

    Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

    Emsella treats your entire pelvic region using HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) currents. They strengthen muscles in the pelvic floor, vagina, and vagina canal, causing the muscles to contract and relax. This treatment can trigger new tissue production in the vagina, labia, and clitoris, increasing their sensitivity, which results in improved sexual sensation.

  • Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction KL

    Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

    Pelvic floor weakness causes difficulty in attaining or maintaining an erection for men, in addition to premature ejaculation. With Emsella, men suffering from erectile dysfunction can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to improve sexual satisfaction and ejaculation control. Men with enlarged pelvic muscles could experience blockage of blood flow. By strengthening their pelvic muscles, they may find improvement in their erections.

Benefits of Sexual Confidence

  • No drugs involved

    No drugs involved

  • Non-surgical


  • Remain fully clothed

    Remain fully clothed

  • Treats entire pelvic floor area

    Treats entire pelvic floor area

  • Walk-in-Walk-out


  • 85% improvement in sexual satisfaction

    85% improvement in sexual satisfaction

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