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Treatment Nose Enhancement

Bringing you closer to the nose you desire.

Reshape Your Nose without Surgery

Your nose is one of the first few things you notice about a person. People with a higher and sharper nose tend to have better facial harmony and a stunning side profile. If your nose is not symmetrical or has bumps, you may want to correct it. Our non-surgical methods that require minimal downtime can reshape and straighten your nose.

Nose Enhancement | HN Clinic
HN Clinic

Nose Thread Lift

Nose threads can sculpt and enhance the appearance of your nose using fine threads inserted beneath your skin. It elevates the bridge and tip of your nose, stimulating collagen to lift your nose at the same time. The polydioxanone threads can be absorbed by the body as they are 100% bio-compatible.

Nose Enhancement Treatment Malaysia

Nose Filler

Hyaluronic acid is a popular filler used in this treatment method. Also bio-compatible, the gel is injected into the skin, adding volume to sculpt the nose. These HA fillers give your nose bridge and tip more height and projection to achieve a more desirable side profile.

Benefits of Nose Enhancement

  • Adds height and reduces the width of nose bridge

    Adds height and reduces the width of nose bridge

  • Minimal downtime

    Minimal downtime

  • Achieves a more defined nose

    Achieves a more defined nose

  • More sculpted and contoured nose

    More sculpted and contoured nose

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