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Non-surgical ways to contour your face.

Achieving Your Ideal Jaw Line

Many men and women are self-conscious about their faces. Everything from overly chubby cheeks to saggy cheeks could impact their appearance negatively. Stubborn fat around the lower face areas cannot disappear on its own through dieting. For some, their genetics causes their jawline to change as they age. Our facial slimming treatments can create a more defined face for both men and women.

Face Slimming | HN Clinic
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Causes of a Chubby Face

Your chubby face may be due to strong chewing muscles, teeth grinding or jaw clenching, pronounced jawbones, and bulky parotid glands. Another reason is simply having excess fat from a poor diet, lack of exercise, ageing, or genetic conditions.

Chubby Face Treatment | HN Clinic

Face Slimming Treatment

We can sculpt your face with botulinum toxin, which weakens chewing muscles over time to reduce the overall size and appearance of your face. Botox can help you create a more aesthetic jawline and achieve the jawline you’ve always dreamed of.

Mesolipoloss is another treatment we use to contour the lower face of patients. When injected in the targeted areas, mesolipoloss can melt excess fats to reveal a more defined lower face and jaw.

Benefits of Face Slimming

  • Very obvious results

    Very obvious results

  • Long-Lasting


  • Easy procedure

    Easy procedure

  • Cheeks appear slimmer and defined

    Cheeks appear slimmer and defined

  • Quick and painless

    Quick and painless

  • Improves the appearance of skin and reduces cellulite

    Improves the appearance of skin and reduces cellulite

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