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Treatment Chin Enhancement

Complement your natural beauty with a well-defined chin.

Reshaping Receding & Weak Chins

Most people don’t realise how much difference a strong chin makes to the overall appearance of the face. If you have a weak chin, you will suffer from a chin that is small, short and slants backwards. Men who have weak chins tend to appear less masculine, while women may suffer from disproportionate facial features as a result.

Chin Enhancement | HN Clinic
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Causes of a Weak Chin

Genetics influences the shape and structure of your jaw, which could be a reason why you have a weak chin. Ageing also decreases the angle and volume of your jaw and reduces definition on your lower face. Having an overbite also makes for a weak jawline.

Chin Enhancement Malaysia

Chin Enhancement with Dermal Fillers

We use non-surgical methods to improve the appearance of your chin, making it more appealing. Dermal Fillers injected in the chin area will cause your chin to be more prominent. Results can last up to a year, and you can see visible results immediately after the procedure.

Chin Enhancement Treatment KL

Benefits of Chin Enhancement

  • No surgery needed

    No surgery needed

  • Quick procedure

    Quick procedure

  • Minimal downtime

    Minimal downtime

  • Well-defined jawline

    Well-defined jawline

  • Balanced profile

    Balanced profile

  • Nose can appear smaller in comparison

    Nose can appear smaller in comparison

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