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Emsculpt Neo No More Worrying About Dressing to Look Slim. Make Any Time Your Showtime.

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Ideal for Those Who Don’t Exercise

Good news!
The all-new Emsculpt Neo is the enemy of obesity.
Now, you can lose weight while lying down
and get your ab muscles back.

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World’s First HIFEM & Synchrode RF Dual-Technology

Have you heard of the world’s first dual-technology that combines HIFEM and Synchrode radiofrequency (RF)? The side effect is real fat loss! 30 minutes with this technology will cause muscles to continue to move as if you’re doing sit-ups, tightening the gap between the rectus abdominis muscles, strengthening the abdominal muscles, tightening the abdomen, and directly triggering motor neurons with high-intensity electromagnetic energy.

Just by lying down for 30 minutes, you can achieve 20,000 muscle contractions. This technology is a non-invasive way to gain muscle and lose fat easily without any recovery time. Moreover, this machine helps you achieve exercise intensity equivalent to 120%. In comparison, only 20% of your muscles are used during intense sports training. Reaching 100% would already make you superhuman, much less 120%. But with the world’s first and only innovative patented HIFEM+TM combined with Synchrode TM RF dual technology, you can make this a reality!


Technology Comparison

Technology Efficacy Effective Time Risk
Patented HIFEM & Synchrode RF Dual-Technology to simultaneously penetrate the energy into the muscle and fat layer Increase 25% muscle
Reduce 30% fat reduction
Reduce 19% Diastasis recti
Butt lift
2 weeks Zero risk, non-invasive and painless, no recovery period
patented HIFEM+TM technology triggers high-frequency muscle contractions to increase muscle mass and reduce fat at the same time Increase 16% muscle
Reduce 19% fat reduction
Reduce 11% Diastasis recti
Butt lift
2 weeks Zero risk, non-invasive and painless, no recovery period
Signals to muscle nerves through electrical pulses, but only superficial muscle contractions, similar to light exercise No medical data support to prove any results 8-12 weeks cause bruises, burns, sensitivity, electric shock injuries
Using vacuum pressure and specific low temperature to make fat cells coagulate and apoptosis Affected by the number of treatments and the thickness of the fat 8-12 weeks Causes bruising, redness, and soreness

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